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    Bronze coins by an in the style of kimon.

    Hemilitron , bronze, signed by Kimon, about 405 BC. AE 3.66 g, d=18 mm. Head of Arethusa l., hair in ampyx and sphendone; in low field r., signature KIM Rev. Similar to previous. Calciati II, 45, 19fr.1. Boehringer, Dionysios pl. 39, 38. Very rare variant. Excellent style. Nice green patina.

    SICILY, Syracuse. Dionysios I. 405-367 BC. AE Hemilitron (18mm, 3.61 g). Struck circa 405 BC. Head of nymph left, wearing ampyx (decorated with two stars) and sphendone /and two dolphins in wheel with four spokes. CNS 19; SNG ANS 411 var.; SNG Morcom 682 var. VF, dark brown patina.From the Tony Hardy Collection. Possibly a Kimon signed obverse die, but the signature is off the flan. It appears to be the same obverse die as the enlargement on p. 45 in CNS, which is attributed to Kimon.

    Calciati notes that coins of this issue included dies signed by the masters Kimon, Phrygillos, Eukleidas, and possibly Eumenes. He further notes that other examples, which are of a fine style, have no symbols or signatures. This coin has no signature but is a masterpiece of the finest style. 17586. Bronze hemilitron, S 1186, Calciati Vol II p. 45, 19, superb gVF, Syracuse mint, 3.771g, 16.4mm, 90o, c. 415 B.C.; obverse head of Arethusa left, hair in a sphendone; reverse SY-RA in the upper quarters of a wheel of four spokes, two dolphins in the lower quarters

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