Everybody approaches coin collecting differently. What really matters is the enjoyment taken from the hobby. In my case half the fun is cleaning and identifying a coin. Who knows what it will turn out to be! My favorite place to shop is routing through the $10 bin in some dingy coin shop, but when that isnt an option I gladly settle for EBay. Needless to say I dont worry about the condition of the coins in my collection. I am just as happy to have a Port of Ostia sestertius or a Galba aureus that has been run over by a chariot a few dozen time than have one that was struck and then lost in a peat bog. I guess I find some satisfaction while looking at a picture of some rare coin and thinking, "I have one of those". Not to mention the history and art behind every coin. Who can't help but be excited when they are holding history in their hand?

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